Tuesday, 2 November 2010

To Swab or Not to Swab

25th day of sniffing today (yawn)

Getting a bit bored of sniffing Suprecur for down regulating now :-/ can we move on to the next stage now, pretty please (with a cherry on top).  My symptoms are thankfully starting to settle down a bit now though, insomnia is less frequent, headaches have passed and only the odd twinge of pain here and there. My clinic (Bourn Hall) said that I will be starting my Gonal F stimulation injections in the week commencing 1 November . . . well I waited, and waited, and waited some more to hear from them and finally they called yesterday afternoon, seems I will be starting them on Friday 5 November, feels like an age to wait! Even though I'm petrified of starting I was a little disappointed that I have to wait some more till the end of the week. My first monitoring visit to check on my follicles is planned for Thursday 11 November. That's all I know so far . . . as one of my fellow IVF'er twitter-er commented @IVFLondonUK, it's like the CIA, they only give out info on a need to know basis, well I need to know more :-)
Had a little panic on Sunday that I'd forgotten what the pharmacist lady had said about administering the Gonal F injection pen . . . well fear no more, the internet has everything a girl can need. I searched on YouTube and found several (some hilarious) videos on how to do it, I'm not sure some of them helped, but I did find one that I think is worthy of mentioning (Link to Gonal F video).  64 million dollar question is though . . .

To swab or not to swab!

My clinic didn't send me any alcohol swabs but every video I've watched mentions it and so Twitter to the rescue, everyone is using them! I asked the clinic when they called and the nurse assured me that I don't need them, too late though my OH had nipped out of work to buy me some (bless). To.swab.or.not.to.swab gate has continued today, I think it's a UK vs US thing, anyhoo, I think I'm convinced to swab now thank you very much.
My stress levels during this entire process have reached all new highs (events at my lovely workplace not making this any easier, how kind of them), how is it possible to stay calm and stress free if you've haven't been through IVF before though? I did find an interesting article from the Telegraph (how intellectual!) about stress and it's effects on IVF and was really surprised by what I found - Link to 'Being-stressed-might-help-IVF-women-get-pregnant'
I'm not sure what to make of it, but if it's right, well I'm on to a winner!


  1. I was taught to wipe with alcohol wipes when I learned how to do the injections. I hope the injections go well for you and your side effects lessen even more.

  2. You want to hear my worst wait? It is Tuesday and I need to start first din erg shots Thursday and the freaking drug company has not called. Are they just hoping to get ahold of me and arrange drop off tomorrow? It's not like I work or anything. The nurse have me the shots I needed and said bring her the vial they send me. thank you! Am much calmer now but seriously some people do better with planning and none of this tiny bit of info each visit!

  3. lowfatlady - Thank you for your well wishes! I've just noticed you have a blog too, I will have a read later :-)

    IVFLondonUK - Seriously!? you still don't have your drugs! I think I should have been a P.A, these people could do with some lessons on how to be organised ;-)

  4. As I told you on twitter- we use swabs as medical professionals to give injections. If we didn't, there would be a public outcry of epic porportions. Alcohol doesn't sterilze the skin, but it does help clean it, especially if done in the circular fashion. Start from middle of circle to the outside. Don't go back and forth, and don't swab an area already swabbed. Let the alcohol evaporate a little bit/skin dry or the shot will sting a little bit.
    There are lots of germs that live on the skin- you don't want to inject them along with your meds!!!
    Just my 4 cents worth. LOL.
    GOOD LUCK! I really hope this is it for you. I go in on the 11th for my follicle check also. WOO HOO! We are #cyclebuddies!

  5. Oh Moon, I'm storing all this info for when I get to that stage! It's all so complicated, I'm not surprised you're stressed!

    I'm so glad I joined the blosphere or I'd be completely in the dark about everything!

    Good luck with your injections xx

  6. p.s. Thanks you for changing your comment settings, that's much easier! x