Friday, 29 October 2010

Furry Friend

Here's my furry friend . . .

Cute huh :-)
My furry friend was a birthday gift last year, she is adorable . . . she gives unconditional love, she is always there when I come home shattered from work full of love and cuddles, she makes me smile (a lot) and she sits by me quietly when I'm upset, bless her.

On the whole this week has been better than last week, but then again it wouldn't be hard to beat last Friday. I had a small blip mid-week, I've not been sleeping well generally since starting my down regulating drugs three weeks ago and this week I suffered a bit of insomnia. usually but not so much when you can't sleep. After 3 hours of trying to sleep I broke down in desperation . . . hmmm is it the drugs or am I actually going loopy? I like to think the former, but who knows.  I slept fine last night though and hope to tonight as well and to top it off it's the weekend, whoop whoop. Feel a bit more positive today too, I think this is down to finding some fellow IVF'ers on Twitter and having their unconditional support, it really does help.

I start my stimulation injections next week, my clinic, Bourn Hall, haven't told me what day exactly yet . . . they kinda feed you information one little bit at a time only, I'm sure for good reasons, but hard for a OCD-prone Mrs Organised.  I've forgotten some of what the pharmacist said about administering the injections :-/  Also I'm trying to have a high protein diet and taking Pregnacare Conception but I'm unsure on what other things I should / shouldn't be eating and drinking . . . that's my homework for this weekend.


  1. Hi! I'm one of your new Twitter followers (wingsofafairy) FOund your blog through there. Looking forward to getting to know you better!

  2. Sounds like you really have your work cut out for you. Low carb? Yikes! :) I think the occasional insomnia is 'normal' with the hormones, and the IF situation in general.
    It wil get better!!
    Keep up the blogging! There is no wrong or right way...just as long as you get out what you need to. That is what it is for- FOR YOU. We are just here to support you. :)

  3. PS I "BumpyJourney" on the Twit. :)

  4. Glad you're feeling better, Moon.

    Do you like foot massages? I love them and since I heard they help you sleep I ask my DH to give me them all the time! Sometimes he does & sometimes he doesn't but it's always worth a try!

    Will be interested in hearing what you find out on the eating/drinking front.

    Sending you lots of happy thoughts!

  5. Dee - thank you for checking out my blog and sending me the link to yours, I'll take a sneaky peek later.

    MyBumpyJourney - thank you for your support here and on twitter, I really appreciate it. My insomnia is improving already so that's a relief.

    MyTTCStory - yaay you finally found a way to comment on my blog. I'm not too sure about foot massages, usually a bit squeamish with feet, but maybe I'll get OH to give it a go :-)

    ((HUGS)) to you all, thank you for your support, Moon xx

  6. what a cute kitty ;) I have a sweet kitty too. Good luck with starting to stimm. My re's office doesn't give all the information out, but I try to ask each time to get all the information. Good luck!

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