Friday, 19 November 2010

Cluck Cluck

So I survived! Egg collection, done.

I worked my self up so much in the last couple of days with nerves so I'm really pleased we've passed another hurdle. Luckily for me, we were assigned the super nice fertility nurse from the other day, she is so caring and understanding that she really makes you feel at ease.
On arrival we were shown to my bed for the morning and I was give a window view, bonus (the clinic is in a beautiful setting, in the the middle of nowhere). The nurse went through the drugs I would be taking and I also had a chance to have a minute with the doctor who would be performing my egg collection. She offered that I could switch to a general anaesthetic if I wanted to but as she reassured me that it should be fine I stuck with the local anaesthetic option. My OH was given his instructions for his "specimen" and he went off to the deed, sounds like it was a bit of a military operation with specific instructions to be followed to ensure the sterility of the sample. My vital signs were taken and I was given the pain killer suppository to take (my first ever one, an odd experience!) . . . not long after I was given the two injections in my rear (pethidine and an anti-sickness jab), by 'eck they stung!  I'm sure to have a lovely bruise waiting for me there.
It wasn't that long before the drugs took effect and I felt much more relaxed, a welcome feeling for a change. I was expecting to only wait another half an hour before it was my turn but the lady before me was in theatre for much longer than expected. I'm not sure exactly what her complications were but from our eavesdropping (had to be done!) it seems that she didn't have her light breakfast and so her BP dropped in theatre, she came back eventually and sounded fine.

Finally, it was my turn and off I went into theatre. I was so scared but the staff were very friendly making polite chit-chat conversation. They put the cannula in and hooked me up to the monitoring machines. The first part of the procedure was by far the worst, felt like the speculum they used was some super sized one so they could put the local anaesthetic in. They offered me gas and air as all the machines were bleeping like mad as I found it pretty painful, but when they said it would make me feel dizzy I declined, another minute or so later she removed the speculum and I breathed a great sigh of relief. The next part was not as bad (hard to beat the first part) as they just used the usual ultrasound wand which I'm quite used to now to guide them and I could watch on the screen which was bizarre! The doctor explained everything she was doing, she drained each follicle and placed liquid into test tubes (really is like test tube babies!), it was a little uncomfortable but this part was over in about 15 minutes. During all this, they gave me several antibiotics through the cannula and once the follicles were drained she put the flaming speculum back to check everything over and a antibiotic suppository for good measure, but thankfully that was it!
So, the numbers are in:
Left Ovary
11 follicles gave 11 eggs (the cyst ended up being a follicle I think)
Right Ovary
4 follicles gave 4 eggs (the rest were too teeny)

15 eggs in total, woo hoo! I hadn't expected this many as my right ovary had not been responding very well so I'm pleased and hope most of them survive (grow embies grow).
After a cuppa and and a biccie I was discharged . . . I'm to call tomorrow afternoon for an update on how our embies are doing, hopefully there is a party going on in a petri dish.


  1. Wow! 15 eggs! That's terrific. I hope they ALL turn into healthy, robust embryos for you :)

  2. 15 is a great number! Congrats!!

    Interesting write up. This will be my third fresh round and I've always done general anastisia. Too afraid of the pain. (ironic. I know.)

  3. 15 eggs is fab news, fingers x'd they all grow healthy & strong! Sounds like you got through it brilliantly yesterday too :) x

  4. 15 eggs is amazing! And you did it with only local anesthetics? You are so brave! You did great!

  5. Thank you all for your comments and well wishes, much appreciated.

    iamstacey Yeah under local, perhaps I'm mad! The clinic didn't originally give me a choice but on the day I could switch to a general anaesthetic . . . the doctor reassured me it should be fine. I think I could do with more sedation next time though!

  6. So glad it went well! Thanks for writing this it was a really interesting read. It seems like my re's office does things different. I am glad I will be knocked out. I don't want to deal with the speculum. Good luck!