Sunday, 7 November 2010

First things first, symptoms this weekend include . . .
  • Feeling a tad bit irritable (just in time for the weekend, fab)
  • Odd twinges here and there
  • Feeling lazy (a symptom in my book)
  • Bit spaced out after my 1st and 2nd injection for about 30 minutes
  • Instances of stuck-in-pyjamas-syndrome!
Hmm as my first injection went so well I was a bit over confident with injection #2 on Saturday evening, I just wanted to get it over and done with so I moved at quick speed! Err not recommended for us first timers . . . forgot to pinch my skin to get that roll of fat (d'oh) and so it hurt a bit more than the day before, maybe I hit a capillary, I'm not sure. I thought today's injection #3 would be better, didn't rush this time, but then I forgot to let go of my roll of fat (nice) after injecting and clicking the doses in (double d'oh) so it still hurt a bit!? Maybe that's a symptom, lack of concentration!

I've been worrying a bit more than usual today about anything related to my treatment, the clinic didn't give me any advice on what I do when I'm getting to the end of one of my Gonal F injection pens, am I expected to do a partial dose from my current pen and a partial dose from my new pen, or just use a new pen? according to my tweeps, yes, 2 needles, boo. Given my poor performance with the needles this weekend I think it's wise to use my new injection pen tomorrow and later in the week when I've got the hang of it I will do the 2 partial doses and 2 needles in one night thing.  Also I've been concerned for a little while that for my first IVF cycle I appear to be missing a baseline scan, instead I went straight from down reg to stimm injections all by a mere phone call, feels a bit odd to me but I've done some research online and I think Bourn Hall just doesn't do them any more if you start down reg on Cycle Day 21 (I have been sniffing for 30 days now! yawn) and I wonder if it's because I'm NHS too. OH assures me that I'm sure the clinic knows what they're doing :-)

Anyhoo, back to the title of my post today, . . . that appears to be me this weekend -

Breakfast in bed
OH offered to help make my blog look pretty (hope you like it)
One v small glass of wine on Saturday (is that a crime at this stage??)
A lush lemon drizzle cake candle (smells divine) and . . .


. . . yummy chocolate cupcakes (we have demolished them all already!) from two very sweet friends.


  1. Sorry your last few injections hurt. That happens, but it sounds like your doing well. I'm using a different med than you, but it's probably similar. When I get low I dial up my dose on the follistim pen, push the button to get as much dose as is left with one needle and than take it out. I look at the amount on the pen and that shows what dose I still need to get. So I put in a new cartridge and a new needle topper and inject the rest I need. Good luck!

  2. That sounds like it was just what you needed! What a nice OH and friends you have... will be passing on some tips to mine ;-)

  3. p.s. blog looks fab, I feel inspired to do something with mine!

  4. lowfatlady Thanks for the tips. I am still struggling a bit and can't seem to inject as well as that first time, I'm sure I'll get there soon :-)

    MyTTCstory Thanks for the comments on the blog, I'm very pleased with OH's tinkering with it!