Sunday, 21 November 2010

Grow Embies Grow

Since my egg collection on Friday I have been busy recovering :-) I even would go as far to say that I feel rather upbeat too and excited about the next stages, now there's a first.

My Weekend:
Lots of attention from my lovely OH tick
Lots of rest tick
Lots of nice food including breakfast in bed tick
Caught up with lovely friends and family tick

I waited anxiously to call the clinic on Saturday at my allotted time to find out how my ickle eggies were doing, the day of egg collection is classed as Day 0 and so Saturday was Day 1 -

Day 1 Update
15 eggs collected
13 suitable for IVF/ICSI
8 embryo's growing, grow embies grow!

Phew! we have 8 little embies growing, thank goodness for that!  My paperwork from the clinic says to expect 70% to fertilise, so depending on how you look at it, of the eggs that were collected 53% fertilised, and of those that were mature and suitable for IVF/ICSI, 60% fertilised, so not too bad I suppose, I just hope they all survive now and are of eggcellant quality :-) Dr Google tells me that grading of the embryo's takes place around Day 3 so I hope I can find out this information when I call tomorrow. 
The clinic I am with usually transfers on Day 2 / 3 or Day 5 (blastocyst) and when I called they said I had enough embies to go forward for a Day 5 transfer (yippee) which is Wednesday (so back to work I go on Monday then). I would have really liked to have called again today to see how they are doing but the clinic were strict on the next update being on Monday, boo! I feel all protective over our little embies!

Whilst it's so nice to not be taking any injections or nasal sprays any more, I haven't fully escaped from all the drugs yet, after my egg collection I started taking Crinone, a progesterone vaginal gel, lovely! 

I have to 'administer' these once a day now in the evening and then walk around for 10-15 minutes to help it get absorbed, just what you want to do when the winter evenings are drawing in, but anyway my OH has said we can go out for a walk each evening along the river by where we live and so maybe it won't be so bad to get some fresh air. So far the side effects I have had have been sore (.)(.) and a bloated stomach, very attractive.

I've added another photo we secretly took, this is my chart of how my follicles were growing, fascinating for me, but maybe that's just because it's my follicles :-) I'm no expert but this chart also shows my endometrial lining thickness, I've just asked Dr Google and it varies what the ideal thickness is at this stage, some say between 8-13mm, and others say 7-12mm, so whichever I'm on the lower end of the range and hope I have a hospitable environment for our little embie. I have all my limbs crossed in the hope that our 8 little embies survive and get stronger each day, grow embies grow!


  1. I love that you snapped a photo of your chart. Don't you keep information from me! I'll show you CIA. All good news about Day Five transfer. Very happy for you.

  2. This is all great news! Keep up the good work little embryos :)

  3. Eight embies is awesome! It's so exciting! You may even have frosties left over, too!

  4. I am excited for you. You are in such a great place with eight embroys. Soon you will be pupo ;)

  5. I can't even decipher that chart! lol