Thursday, 11 November 2010

Wakey Wakey

Another hurdle passed . . . had my first monitoring visit today at Bourn Hall, woo hoo.
I was nervous beforehand but the staff at the clinic are so lovely that they make you feel at ease straight away. I had a blood test and my first transvaginal ultrasound (rolls of the tongue doesn't it), or as I have learnt recently, it is also know as 'dildo-cam', nice!  It wasn't that bad after all, much easier than my smear text experiences so that was a relief. The very nice lady carefully explained everything that she was doing and we were able to watch it on the screen, very bizarre.

So (drum roll please) the results are in:

Left Ovary
3 follicles at 13mm, 12mm, 12mm, and 2 smaller ones. 
One small cyst (she didn't seem concerned at this, hope she is right)
Right Ovary
Looks quite small, not much happening there which makes me feel sad :-((
Thickening up well
3241 (not sure of the units, but she seemed pleased with this)

Needless to say, I'm a little anxious about my right ovary, wakey wakey right ovary, rise and shine! The nice lady didn't seem overly concerned (but I'm sure she is well practised in this art form) and she said that often one ovary progresses quicker than the other and maybe it just doesn't want to play ball, boo.
The clinic called this afternoon to confirm my next monitoring visit will be on Saturday morning, wakey wakey right ovary, please wake up in time.  I also asked the clinic for my estradiol result (3241) but d'oh, forgot to ask about the units (I'm guessing pg/ml), she seemed pleased with that, sounds a bit high to me but I'm no expert so will have to wait and see.
Right, must focus on the positives and go celebrate my left ovary, go ovary go :-)  



  1. Yea for your first monitoring appointment. I hope that your other ovary wakes up next time. To give you some details about your estradiol levels - they want 150-200 for each mature follicle. I would say 3241 is pretty high for the first monitoring appointment, but your doc's are watching and you are doing ivf so you will have more follies than I ever did. Good luck!

  2. I gave you an award on my blog, come check it out :)