Friday, 15 April 2011

Egg Hunt

Well what can I say, I love sedation, especially after my egg collection experience in my last cycle :-)

The numbers are in, 13 eggs . . . hopefully 13 is lucky for us.

It's hard not to compare cycles but I guess natural to do so . . . this cycle has been easier overall, I'm a dab hand at injecting, the side effects much less and I responded quicker. Last time I had 15 eggs, 13 of these were mature, and of those 8 became embryos. So my number of eggs is slightly less than last time but I'm going for quality not quantity this time.  In other good news, the embryologist gave us a run down of OH's sample stats, and it's much improved, we both breathed a big sigh of relief.

All the staff at the clinic were so lovely to us throughout and very calming, especially Tina (OH calls her Nurse Sparrow). We also saw the consultant too which was nice and he gave me a little pat on the shoulder, bless. Oh and then we met Mr Smooth, the anaesthetist, omg he was super smoooooth! The only thing that hurt this time around was putting the cannula in and so I told Mr Smooth off about this, as you do! :-) before I knew it I was asleep and then back in the waiting area.

Fingers crossed my little eggies are getting down and dirty in the petri dish, lol.


  1. Go eggies!
    13 was a good number for me! That's how many I had this last cycle.

    Good luck.

  2. So pleased it all went smoothly, fx they're all having a lovely time in the petri dish & u get a great fert report xx