Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Pull the Trigger

Whoop whoop it's trigger day!  

Can't believe it's come round so quickly this time . . . have to say I am feeling relaxed this time around [not hard to be more relaxed than last time though, I was uncontrollably worrying throughout the first IVF cycle] and I'm just 'trying' to go with the flow as much as possible. I think on the outside I seem quite calm to everyone and that maybe it isn't much of a big deal but inside I am still quite anxious.

I saw the lovely Dr Angel last night, she says I'm looking well and is pleased with my progress [yay]. I got yet another ear acu sticker to help me sleep :-) and she even tried some craniosacral therapy on me [yes, I will try anything at the moment]. She just tried it for the last 15 minutes of my session to help address my 'balance' by listening to my 'rhythm' and apparently helping my cerebrospinal fluid move freely around my central nervous system. Anyhoo, it felt nice and it left me with a floaty feeling. 

So, it's 10:35 . . . 10 minutes to go until my Ovitrelle trigger injection, eeek!  I will wait until I have injected before publishing my post :-)

Trigger Pulled @10:45pm
I'm done bang on time, come on eggies!


  1. Come on eggies!

    Well done honey, you do seem very calm & serene. I don't think anyone feels that way inside during a cycle but it's good that you're much more relaxed.

    Excited for you! xx

  2. I think myTTCstory meant she is 'eggcited' for you...groan...sorry. Maybe the acupuncture is helping to relax you this time, either way it's great you're feeling better about it. Hope you get lots of strong, healthy eggies tomorrow, am rooting for you Moonie xxx

  3. Thinking of you and your eggies! So glad you are able to relax more. I'm really excited for you! :) xx

  4. Good luck tomorrow! thinking of you! xox