Saturday, 30 April 2011


After a few tears (no surprises the second test was also negative) we put on our brave faces and made it to the Royal Wedding party our friends were hosting, it was all going so well until a baby was thrust at me to hold within a few minutes of arriving. I think I handled it quite well! I was mortified initially, but then it was fine, she is a little cutie pie so I forgave her :-)

Here is the Union Jack cake I previewed on twitter . . . my work of art (copied of course!). After a good couple of hours in the kitchen I ended up having to cheat slightly but I'll leave you guessing, I just had a bfn so I made up my own rules! 

We had a good time, well tried to, but it was hard, lots of moments where you catch yourself having a good time and then you remember your real life, another cycle failed, it's heartbreaking. Today has been more difficult for us both, it's hard to accept that it's over and that we're back to the drawing board again. 

Anyhoo, back to the Royal Wedding, our friends put on a great party, there was lot's of typically English cakes and sandwiches, lots of bubbly to go round and Kate and Will masks to wear :-)
Tomorrow we go away for a couple of days for a wedding, I'm hoping this might lift our spirits a little.


  1. Hey girl! You are doing the best you can in the circumstance you are in, and I admire that so much. In a way, it's good that something else is going on the side when you had a heartbreak. Only time can heal the sadness. Just take it day by day XOXOX! I will pray for a rainbow for you!! By the way, when I first looked at the cake, I thought you took a picture from magazine or something! Looks so professional! And very culture flavored cake.. LOVE it!

  2. Hi Moon, I'm glad you were able to enjoy some good times on Friday despite your broken heart. I know how tough it is hon and the only thing that can take the pain away is finally becoming a parent. I have faith this will happen for you. Hopefully soon.

    Was this your private cycle? Do you have a funded cycle still available? If yes, when can you get started? Too many questions? Ignore them if you like.

    Don't give up on hope. My clinic stats show very high success rates for women your age on cycle 3, I know this is little consolation when you are devastated and terrified of another cycle, but the statistics are on your side. Good luck babe xx

  3. Oh lovely Moonie, you're being so brave. Glad you made it to the party and had a good time. Your cake looks absolutely amazing!! Kirstie Allsop isn't a patch on you.

    Thinking of you xx

  4. I am so sorry it was another bfn. That really stinks, you deserve this. I am glad you were able to do something fun after getting the news. Your cake looks so great!