Monday, 18 April 2011

Moonembies Landed

Just a quick update post transfer today, all went well and we have 2 moonembies on board, woo hoo :-)

We thought there would be a discussion with the consultant about how many to transfer but there was no need, they assumed we wanted two and so we just went with it. The procedure at this clinic was slightly different to my first clinic (mainly that it was not ultrasound guided, instead the consultant, Michael, and nurse assured us they have been transferring this method with success for years). Our embryologist, Nicola, talked us through the embryo's again and detailed the stages and grading. So pleased to hear there had been some further progress on our top two moonembies, they are now both 9-cells.

  • 6 embryos growing
  • 2 are good (one grade 1, one grade 2 - both 9-cells), 
  • 4 are average (one grade 2-3, three grade 3) - will be taken to Day 5
They will continue to grow our other 4 moonembies but I'm guessing they will not make the grade for freezing based on our first IVF cycle and their current grading. Overall we're really pleased though and kinda excited. We had already come to the conclusion last time that maybe a Day 3 transfer might be best for us based on the quality of our embryos from Day 4 onwards but were willing to go with what the new clinic advised. It seems the quality of our top two moonembies are better this time round so hopefully a good sign.

We watched our moonembies on the screen (bizarre) and then they were loaded into the catheter for transfer and hey presto, the moonembies have landed and I hope they're getting all snuggly. Nicola gave us a couple of pictures too, apologies the quality is not great.

I read an article in the Guardian a while back that mentioned laughter can increase the success of IVF, I'm not sure if I believe it but thought it can't hurt and some other tweeps have been doing the same, so when we got back I got cosy with my blanket and we watched some stand up comedy :-) I also listened to the post transfer relaxation CD by Zita West to get me in the right frame of mind. On our first IVF cycle I didn't get the opportunity to rest and relax as my dad was taken very ill suddenly, so trying to make the most of it this time and also have an acupuncture session booked in with Dr Angel for tomorrow.

OH is taking good care of me and will slap my hand when he gets back from playing his weekly football match for writing a blog update, so better get back to resting :-)


  1. beautiful moonbabies :+)
    so excited for you, my friend.
    rest up!

  2. What perfect little moonembies! I hope they are getting comfortable, and they grow grow grow!
    Enjoy the rest!

  3. That's great that you get to relax more this time around. I read that one clinic would bring in clowns to entertain post-ET patients. Interesting and neat. I wish you the very best!

  4. YAY! Such wonderful news that they are 9 cell already! I'm so hopeful for you, Moon and moonembabies! Relax and enjoy! xxx

  5. Hi! Wishing you much success with your moon babies. The pictures amazed me. Thanks for sharing your journey :-) (fertility,pregnancy,postpartum,family,breastfeeding,holistic)

  6. I apologize..wrong link to my site ..

    I found you through Jess Jetson :-)

  7. Yay for two beautiful MoonEmbies on board! Keep relaxin' and chillin' while they snuggle in! :) Sendin' sticky vibes...