Monday, 4 April 2011

Ear Ear

I love acupuncture, I wasn't sure I would be a fan, but it seems I am.
Dr Angel pulled out the stops at my session last week, she placed more needles this time and in slightly different places, there was even one between my eyebrows, freaky!

It was like a little therapy session, although instead of giving me any suggestions, she listened and then placed needles to try to fix it :-) We talked about how tired I was, the terrible AF pains this cycle and my sleeping problems, we even touched on the stress from my SIL and then she proceeded with her foot stroking thing. Turns out she learnt this stroking thing for relaxation from a healer she saw for 20 years, it works for me, must show OH how to do this properly.

To help with the sleeping thing she suggested some homoeopathic medicine, I'm a scientist by trade so I wasn't going to be fooled easily and interrogated her a little, lol, she cottoned on and so just told me of her own experiences. In the end, we decided together that with only 4 days left before my baseline (and hopefully starting stimulation injections) it probably wasn't worth it. Instead she said she'd like to try a little ear acupuncture, it all sounded very interesting, she prodded my ear with a metal probe in three points in my left ear (the side I sleep least on) and asked me which one could I feel the most. 

She then stuck a little sticky square thing in my ear, it had a little metal stud on it, similar to this photo I found on the BBC website [if it's good enough for Cherie Blair it's good enough for me]. I was to keep this in for as many days as I could, if it was uncomfortable or throbbing I could take it off at any time. If I felt stressed she said give it a little press.  I loved it, my own little acu to take home!  I felt a bit silly but my hair covered it well and I kept it in for a couple of days until I accidentally brushed it out when blow drying my hair [gutted].

Dr Angel didn't stop there in her quest to fix me, she then got me to sit up and used the moxa stick thingymebob at 3 places on my back to stimulate blood flow. Apparently moxibustion can be good for back pain or menstrual cramps, it left me with a really warm sensation on my back. Can't wait for my next acu session.


  1. Sounds lovely, I have heard of the ear things when people use acupuncture to stop them from smoking & that kind of thing. It's amazing that it can help with stress too.

    I've had the one between my eyebrows too! And I had two sessions in Madrid where she put them into my scalp!

    Not sure how it works but I'm definitely a believer! xx

  2. I've never heard of the ear accu! Sounds like you have a wonderful Angel of an acupuncturist looking out for you- so happy she is taking care of you. xxx