Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Thanks @LilyTaj for inspiring me to write a post titled 'Mooninjector' :-)

I had my baseline scan yesterday at the new clinic with Nurse Chillax, all seems well and I was in and out of there in about 15 minutes but a few grand lighter, ha!  It was all so quick, I had my scan and she said my lining was nice and thin, about 3.4mm.  My left ovary was looking a little quiet (so it seems the opposite to my IVF cycle last time) and the right looked more awake, she said there were about 10 resting follicles so far (5 on each) and more may make an appearance as I start my stimulation injections, hope so.
I nipped across the corridor to see the pharmacist, she gave me some more needles to continue with the buserelin injections and also two gonal F pens, she then got me to do my first stimulation injection there are then, bonus!

After being frustrated that my baseline scan was moved 5 days forward because AF was a bit late it's all worked out fine, I have only been on my down reg drugs for about 2 weeks (half the time of IVF 1.0) and the dates for egg collection and hopefully embryo transfer will now all fall around the UK public holidays for the Easter break (easter. . .egg. . .easter could it be a sign!?).
So here we go, we're properly into IVF 2.0 now, yikes!

The brother-SIL saga continues, she texted me again this weekend whilst I was away on a hen do, she is now twisting things with my mum, I give up, I'm just trying to ignore 'it', she is a nut case and not one I need in my life right now.  So looking forward to my acu session tonight. c'mon Dr Angel, do your magic :-)

Also wanted to mention a great post I just read written by the lovely Jay @the2weekwait about Infertility Etiquette, take a look here.


  1. Gosh your SIL makes me angry and I don't even know her! Hope you can ignore it hon, you need to concentrate on you right now.

    My acupuncturist said that the success rates go up 10% in April so you might be right with the Easter egg thing! Hope so!


  2. Hopefully acupuncture will help you to relax and cope with nightmare SIL - she doesn't deserve your energy or emotions.

    You're doing great Moonie, FX for Easter egg success :) xx

  3. Ah my little mooninjector. Glad to have inspired you. Things are sounding great for IVF 2.0

    I hope you have an easter basket full of lovely eggs. Dont forget its the Year of The Rabbit, the fertile bunny. I think timing is definitely on your side.

    Keeping everything crossed for good things for you this cycle. You deserve it so much.

    LilyTaj xx

  4. all the best with this stim cycle! Everything is sounding really positive with you and great that acu is helping too. Follie vibes your way!
    Saleschick xx

  5. So good to hear your scan went well and you are on your way. My accupuncturist said that it depends which ovary's turn it is to ovulate, and that one may be more active during IVF. I hope Easter is a lucky time for us both!


  6. You are really on your way! It's so exciting! I hope the acupuncture does the added trick. I love it when the plan is finally underway and things are really happening! I think the Easter timeline is a great omen! ;)