Monday, 11 April 2011

All Systems Go

Woah, it's all systems go in the world of Moon.

I rocked up at the clinic this morning for my first monitoring scan for IVF 2.0, if my first cycle was anything to go by I'm usually a slow starter on the old follicle front (see cycle 1 posts - Wakey Wakey and Grow Follies Grow) and so even though it's Day 8 of my stimulation injections, which was later than my first scan last time, I did still feel a tad bit nervous this morning. I went in to the scan room, had my hand slapped as I took my Gonal and Suprecur that morning, oops! (I could swear Nurse Chillax didn't mention about not taking my drugs until after Mr Wandy but anyhoo it's all a bit of a blur, she probably did and I have a case of selective memory loss).  All worked out ok though and my dose has not changed. BUT egg collection has moved from the scheduled dates, instead of next Monday it will now be THIS FRIDAY!!! yikes!

I don't have an exact follicle count this time, and I kinda like it, she went over it all fairly quickly and I decided it was probably better for me not to over analyse everything this time round, as long as Nurse Chillax was pleased then I should just chillax myself! Saying that, some of it did stick in my head . . . my lining is looking good at about 8.6mm, my left ovary already has one follicle at 18mm, she said there are a few good sized ones on this side and some smaller ones too. Over on the right (remember the sleepy right ovary?) she said there are a few on this side too so it's good that my ovaries are responding more evenly this time. She said we're looking at about 10 follicles maybe and some others may grow in time but she would like to move egg collection early as I am responding well (never thought I would hear such words in relation to little Moonie).

So I'm feeling a whole roller coaster of emotions . . . scared . . . excited . . . nervous . . . dreamy . . . bloated (nice) . . . excited


  1. Such good news for you Moonie. Im so excited for you and cant wait to hear how it all goes on Friday.
    LilyTaj xxx

  2. so very excited for you guys!!

  3. Oh my gosh, what good news! An 18 already - you are so close!

  4. Wow- so exciting you are already close! Always amazing to get good news instead of bad news! You are just a week behind me, cycle buddy. Hope 9 months from now we are playing an even happier waiting game. xxox

  5. Excited for you! Sending lots of love and hope your way. :) xx

  6. Yay! Go follies!

    I didn't find out how many follies our donor had and found it much better not knowing too. Friday is a big day for both of us (my OTD)!

    MyTTCstory xx

  7. All sounding v positive so far for your Easter eggies. Keep eating the chocolate eggs just to give them that extra push :) Here with you all the way girlie, you're doing great xxx

  8. Thanks for all your lovely comments xx