Monday, 18 April 2011

Moonembies Coming Home

We still have 6 moonembies growing :-)

  • 6 embryos growing
  • 4 are good (grade 2), 2 are average (grade 3)
Here is today's update:

  • 6 embryos growing
  • 2 are good (one grade 1, one grade 2 - both 7-cells), 4 are average (one grade 2-3, three grade 3)
As there are two clear front runners they would prefer to do the transfer today, they will grow the others to Day 5 but if our last cycle is anything to go by then I think we might be doing the best thing by taking the best ones now and putting them back where they can hopefully be more cosy!
The debate over transferring one moonembie or two is continuing, I'm afraid of the risks of carrying two in my small frame (not sure if that matters) but anyhoo will see what they clinic say and go with their recommendation.
I'm scared and excited, all rolled into one moonball.


  1. Exciting Moonie! We debated about 1 or 2 for ages but decided on 2 (Bruce & Flora as you know!)

    Good luck for your transfer honey xx

  2. Sounds like great news- just catching up now! Thinking of you and the moon embabies! xxx