Friday, 15 October 2010

Aunt Flo - Hello

Aunt Flo, nice to see you, to see you, not.

For anyone out there like me TTC and in this infertility hell, AF is more often than not, an unwelcome visitor.  It's a bloody stupid name anyway, I don't get it, no Aunt of mine would do this to me, ggrr! Anyway, AF has come with a vengeance this time, I guess I half expected it from what I had read but I was probably in a tinsy winsy bit of denial . . . the pain was, well, painful, and going on a 4hr long car journey perhaps wasn't my most genius planning. The stomach cramps were bad and feeling sorry for myself appeared to reach a whole new level, I'm hoping it won't last long and must stay focused, the sooner this bit is over and done with the sooner it will be to starting the injections.

One good thing is that I guess I was sniffing properly then :-)  how many ways are there to sniff anyway?  Meh, you question and over analyse everything in this process . . . I may be one step closer in my treatment but also may be one step closer to going ever so slightly loopy.

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