Tuesday, 5 October 2010

No Need to Panic!

This is the beginning, IVF/ICSI Cycle 1 (eeek!), hard to actually believe that after TTC for the best part of the last two and half years, here I am, at Bourn Hall, so they can show the potions and needles I will start using this Friday, shit, this Friday, only 3 more sleeps!

I'm sat in the Bourn Hall outpatient waiting room (kinda Laura Ashley stylee) . . . for those who haven't been to Bourn Hall before, it's a truly amazing place, not just because of the magic they perform here on a daily basis, but it's a breathtaking old country house set in a little cute village, just outside Cambridge (Bourn Hall Clinic), hard to believe you can actually come here as part of the NHS East of England plan . . . it may be an hour drive from home, but well worth it when you get here, a different world to the Lister Hospital. 
Headcount . . . 3 couples in the room (some with other halves, some with their friends) . . . it's a bit like being on the Tube for me . . . quick scan around and off my mind goes making up silly little stories for everyone there . . . who are they, where are they from, have they started their treatment yet, are they coping? . . . the list is endless.  Searching for answers to my million questions in my head, it's quite overwhelming really.

The nurse just called my name, uh oh, that's me, stop day dreaming, it's my turn . . .
Turns out we're seeing the pharmacist not a nurse and she is going to give us a quick run through of all the medications.  

Quick scan of the pharmacy:

Needles - check
Nasal spray - check
Rubber pin cushion - check!! P-H-E-W yippee!

No need to panic, there is a rubber pin cushion, thank goodness, she won't be sticking the demo needle in me after all, and R-E-L-A-A-A-X
The nice pharmacist spends about 20 minutes taking us through everything . . . super fast though, blink and you'll miss it! She's obviously a dab hand at assembling that nasal spray thing, take this bit off, put this bit here and this bit here, and bob's your uncle, simple. Apparently I'm going to be taking Suprecur nasal spray (buserelin) rather than Synarel as there is a problem at the manufacturers of Synarel, so unlucky for me (there's a surprise) that means spraying 3 times a day instead of 2, fab.
Next, the dreaded needles . . . must pay attention . . . this one's gonna take some practice, yikes, hope I don't do it wrong :-(  I know, let's look at the positives (yes, lets) . . . the needle is only about one cm or so long . . . it's very thin . . . it's gonna be hard to get the dose wrong . . . and I can ring them at any time.  I ask about the other needle I can see there . . . Ovitrelle I think . . . that must be the last injection, the one that's supposed to sting :-(  It's ok, she's read my mind, she says she'll take me through the other bits closer to the time . . . and R-E-L-A-A-A-X

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