Friday, 8 October 2010

This is It

So, this is it, the start of my first IVF & ICSI treatment, can't believe I am finally here, today, after all this waiting, am I actually ready? I'm not sure :-(
I didn't sleep very well last night and surprisingly my stomach appears unhappy too. 

Let the down regulating begin . . . 

Suprecur (buserelin), 3 times a day, once in each nostril, easy peasy lemon squeezy.
In the end I just did it very quickly and I felt ok until a couple of minutes later, heart racing and I felt like I'd swallowed a rock, probably more from nerves than anything else. I laid down for a few minutes and then I felt absolutely fine, quite sprightly in fact! I can taste it at the back of my throat though but the toothpaste soon fixed that.

Other than feeling a bit 'odd' and a couple of intermittent headaches through the day I felt fine, I can do this.
I took my third dose in the evening and after a lovely meal out to celebrate starting the treatment . . . 10 minutes later, mild panic sets in, my heart is racing super fast and it feels like my heart is beating outside my chest . . . heart palpitations. Not pleasant and a bit worrying but I've taken it easy for the rest of the evening and hopefully it will do the trick, watched The Hangover, fab film! 

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