Thursday, 18 August 2011

Wake Up Call

After our miraculous 100% fertilisation:

  • 9 embryos growing
  • 7 are very good

  • 7 embryos growing
  • 3 are good, 4 are average

Mr Moon and I were so anxious waiting for that call this morning! So so so pleased that we still have some embryo's in the running, as there are 3 that are 'good' the clinic suggest a Day 5 transfer as they can't decide which one has the most chance of success. As this cycle is a funded cycle and the latest rules for our Primary Care Trust are in effect we can only transfer one embryo this time round.

Yesterday I suffered some unexpected pain episodes from my egg collection procedure from 2 days ago. On my drive into work I experienced some pretty sharp intermittent stabbing pains and I struggled to get into the office. It was all a little scary at the time but after a while the pain subsided to a more constant pain but much less intense. I rang the clinic as this hadn't happened on my previous cycles, they suggested paracetamol and more water and to come into the clinic if it got worse in the afternoon, luckily it started to subside by the evening. I'm left with the odd painful twinge and so hopefully it's passing and never to return!

Although this is turning out to be our most promising cycle so far, we are both feeling very cautious about the whole thing, but I guess that's to be expected after our last two cycles. it's hard to let your mind imagine that we can get to the next stage, we can't take things for granted, we can simply hope for the best.

To re-cap on our last cycles in terms of Day 3 vs Day 5 transfer:

Cycle 1 (Bourn Hall Clinic) - We had a Day 5 transfer, after starting off with 8 embryo's by Day 5 none had progressed to the blastocyst stage, the best we had was a morula so it was a few hours behind and we had this one embryo transferred. No embryo's survived to freezing quality.

Cycle 2 (Herts & Essex Clinic) - We had a Day 3 transfer as there were 2 of the 6 embryo's that already stood out from the rest and so the clinic advised to have the two put back that day, we'll never know for sure whether these embryos progressed to the blastocyst stage, but we assume not. No embryo's survived to freezing quality.

We won't receive any more wake up calls now and my Day 5 transfer is scheduled for Saturday, fingers crossed that when we arrive at the clinic there is a moon-blast waiting for us to come home.


  1. Yay for embies!!! Can't wait to hear how your transfer day goes!

  2. So glad you got great news and this part of the cycle is going so well! My fingers and toes are crossed for you! I am glad the pain got less intense!

  3. I am at exactly the same stage as you, not having a phone call today is torture! Praying we both have great blastos waiting for us on Saturday morning xx

  4. Dear Moon, I have missed you and gutted I wasn't reading this sooner. This all seems like very good news and I cannot wait for the update tomorrow. I will be thinking of you and hoping for the best. Take care my old cycle buddy! XO

  5. Hey Moonie. Today is Saturday in Aussie and I see your transfer day is today. All the best for a successful embie, hun. Will be thinking of you lots and hope it goes well. Luv Saleschick

  6. Good luck today Moonie! Hopefully you are PUPO by now. Rest up honey and let the embie/s snuggle in tight. x

  7. Ahh thank you all so much for such lovely lovely comments, I'm touched by your support xxx