Friday, 12 August 2011

Tick Tock

I was back at the clinic again today, Spy Moon got a photo of my chart when I was left alone for a moment, if I was being watched on any cameras I can imagine they fell off their chair laughing watching me get out my camera phone super quick :-)

All seems to be going fine and I will do my trigger injection on Saturday with egg collection on Monday as planned, eek. My menopur dose has been dropped down again, now to 75 IU for my last dose which I took this morning. In total for this cycle I have had down reg injections (buserelin) for 27 days, and for the last 11 days of that I've also had stimm injections, way too many needles to count, but only one bruise! 

I have fewer follicles than my last two cycles, but I'm hoping trying Menopur this time may give me some better quality eggs. Looks like I could be on for about 10 eggs overall, with maybe 7 of those being mature enough for ICSI.

So my trigger injection (ovitrelle) is scheduled for 10:45pm on Saturday night, rock n roll.


  1. It's definitely quality not quantity but ten would be fab... loads of luck for your trigger tonight and for ec on monday. Thinking about you lots...xx

  2. Sending best wishes for a great egg collection on Monday. Thinking of you with lots of love and hope xxx

  3. It's so exciting! I can't wait to hear a great egg count! :)

  4. Thanks so much for your support even though I'm taking a break from twitter, appreciate you still following my cycle :-)) xx