Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Ten Out of Ten

Top marks for us, I really can't believe it, we had our fertilisation report today -

  • 11 eggs collected
  • 10 mature and suitable for ICSI
  • 10 embryos!
After a sleepless night, I feel a tad silly now for worrying that this cycle had produced the least number of eggs as we now have the most number of embryos at Day 1 from all our cycles and 100% fertilisation. Our last two cycles have been around the 60% fertilisation mark, so this feels like a bit of a miracle.  The embryologist also mentioned that Mr Moon's sample was borderline normal, yay, another first. So we're happy for today :-)

It's really early days, and I remain cautious as we're still not sure what will happen at Day 3, will our embryo's deteriorate like our past two cycles, or could we be third time lucky?

Egg collection yesterday was uneventful, I was super nervous beforehand like usual but all went fine with the stabbing of the ovaries! I didn't have the anaesthetist Mr Smooth this time, instead we had Mr Smiles . . . what is it with these anaesthetists, are they all on happy drugs?  I'm still a little tender today but taking it easy, hopefully this will have passed by tomorrow.

So we wait, worry and wait some more. 


  1. Yay, thats awesome news. Keeping my fingers crossed for the next few days and seeing plump healthy embies multiplying and becoming blasts

  2. Hope you get more good news about your embies today x

  3. You're totally rocking this IVF cycle. Thinking of you, always.

  4. Fantastic news! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  5. Such wonderful news! Hoping and cheering for you!

    As for the anesthesiologist, my theory is that they are just happy because they make so much money for what seems to be a pretty easy job! :)

    Yay again for 10 moon-embies!

  6. Thanks so much for all your support!