Sunday, 14 August 2011

Fried or Scrambled?

It was trigger shot time last night, all went smoothly and hopefully I'm cooking up some good eggs in there. I used ovitrelle again for my trigger injection, and just like the last two times we had the momentary panic about the huge air bubble in the pre-filled syringe!! but it was fine, we moved the air bubble so it was closest to the plunger and then injected, and I lived to tell the tale.

In the hope to promote good eggies, I've had eggs for breakfast two days in a row now (breakfast in bed too - thanks Mr Moon), you can't mark me down for effort!

Today is my drug free day, woo hoo, and tomorrow morning I'll be back at the clinic ready to put on that lovely hair cap for egg collection. C'mon eggies! I'm still feeling pretty anxious about it all . . . one day at a time though.

In other news, we went to see Horrible Bosses at the cinema yesterday, not too bad if you're thinking of seeing it. We're still getting through Season 5 of Grey's Anatomy too, jeez what a sad season :-(  Only two more episodes and we're on to Season 6 where I hear we'll meet Avery, oh yes, hello Avery :-)


  1. Ha ha, the air bubble panic. With my first ovidrel shot I just knew I didn't get the air bubble out. I totally freaked out and thought I was going to have an embolism. I made my husband call the emergency doctor line and the dr. on call sort of chuckled at us. But the nurse made such a big deal about getting the air bubble out!

  2. Thinking of you and those beautiful eggs! (I know, it does sound a bit weird, but it's heart-felt) Sending you baby dust XXXOOO Su @Susy_Sama

  3. I just saw my comment did post.
    Anyway, was sending you lots of love and good luck. Hugs to Mooncat from me.