Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sleepy Moon

I win the prize for the most number of yawns today.

On the whole, the down regulation phase is going ok, I'm more than a week in and dare I say it, it's better than last time, I'm just having the sleepless nights thang again. Some of my injections are a little painful, but I've realised that . . .
a) I probably should try inserting the needle at a 45 degree angle rather than 90 degrees, 
b) I need to concentrate and stop being so blasé about it, and
c) I probably should stop being a wuss!

Aunt Flo was due to arrive on Sunday, instead she is so kind that she sent excruciating pains the other night, so much so that I barely got any sleep, but she finally made her arrival last night. This means my baseline scan on Wednesday has had to be rescheduled, the earliest they can now fit me in is next Monday so all my dates will be pushed out a bit, boo hoo :-(


In other news, I finally met my brother in London yesterday, he was there for work so I took the afternoon off to attempt some kind of resolution to the crazy SIL situation. In summary, it was emotional but good, we talked, we cried, we talked some more. It was good to see him, I've missed him so much. We discussed the sequence of events, he made some brainwashed comments I did not agree with [but I guess it was never going to be perfect] and I had the opportunity to tell him how much this has all hurt me. I did not lower myself to her level, I did not make any inappropriate comments, I did not reveal my true feelings about her [I'm sure you can guess what they are anyway], in fact I think I deserve a medal. Funny thing is, SHE wants an apology from me, HA HA HA HA HA.

By sending 'that text' she has gone so far over that line there is no going back. I've asked for an apology for the text, I know full well she will not apologise for the accusations as this will be admitting she has lied, he said she won't apologise even for just the text, he'll ask but not to get my hopes up. I've admitted defeat to him, she has won, I can't compete with this craziness and I'm pretty sure she will not allow me to see my future niece/nephew that is due in July, if all I can salvage is some kind of a relationship with my brother I'll take all I can get, I think this was the most upsetting part for him to hear.  Anyway, in a nutshell, he said he will talk to her, so watch this space but don't expect any miracles.



  1. Man, the world is full of crazies. Sorry you've had to deal with all that.

  2. Bad af being mean to you. Sorry things are still crazy and unhappy with the situation with your brother.

  3. Annoying AF, never here when you want her and always here when you don't!

    Glad it went well with your bro, if was a massive step towards getting back to something close to normal. Hopefully you'll be able to make more steps & have a fantastic relationship with him and your niece/nephew when he/she arrives. You SIL might even welcome a break if he brings the baby to see you.

    Glad the meds are going ok, I get confused with the 45 and 90 degree thing too!


  4. Seems like you have made some progress at least by meeting up with your brother. Did SIL know he met you? That would be so pathetic and childish if she didn't let you see your future niece or nephew. And not fair on the baby.

    Good luck for the upcoming cycle.

  5. Hey Shona, yeah my SIL did know that he was meeting me. Unfortunately things have not improved though, she is continuing to twist things, ugh, it's so frustrating!