Sunday, 20 March 2011

Seconds Out, Round Two

Today I started our second IVF/ICSI cycle.

First thing this morning I injected buserelin (Suprecur) . . . no major panic, I just did it, I didn't even take a photo this time, I guess this is what happens second time round. Even though I didn't inject buserelin in my first cycle (I used a nasal spray 3 times/day) I'm a bit of a dab hand at injecting after all those shots of Gonal F and so it was pretty uneventful.
I've nothing much to report really, I feel less anxious than I did last week about starting today and have just kind of accepted it I guess. I've tried to stay busy today (baking, shopping, cooking, tweeting, blogging) and not dwell on what I'm doing or over analyse anything, seems to be working so far.

There is an update on the brother-crazy SIL gate, he texted late last week to say can we put our meeting on hold, he'd like to be upfront with my SIL and needs to pick the right time to speak to her. I was a bit annoyed at first (he could have discussed this with my SIL without me even knowing and then got in touch if there was an issue . . . of course there is going to be an issue) but after a few minutes I just felt sorry for him, such a sad situation that he has to ask to see his sister.  So we wait. I'm a dab hand at that too.

Anyhoo, I've now got the Zita West relaxation CDFs loaded on to my iPhone so all good to make a start this week and I have my acupuncture appointment on Tuesday with Dr Angel too. So by Wednesday I'm hope to be floating :-)

Moon's Butterfly Cakes


  1. Lovely looking cupcakes, Moon :)


  2. IVF#2! Bring it On!! Im right behind you in July! And did you know,,, you got the yummy cupcakes!!

  3. Yay, good luck hun! And are those from a Nigella Lawson recipe?? I love her and those look delicious!

  4. Ooh you clever little cookie. Love your cakes, so pretty!!
    Congrats on starting round 2. Ill be sending lots of memos to the baby gods to ensure they get it right and you get great news at the end of this cycle.
    I feel for you and your brother. SIL's can be the worst at times. I hope you guys get to catch up very soon.

  5. Ooh, those butterfly cakes look gorgeous!!

    Congratulations on getting started! I didn't bat an eyelid with my Prostap injection, it's weird how it becomes normal to inject yourself!

    I hope your SIL starts being reasonable soon, I really feel for you rnad your brother :-(

    Take care of yourself xxx

  6. yum- those cupcakes are making me hungry!So pretty too. Yay for keeping busy and not obsessing about IVF, cycle buddy!

  7. It sucks that we have the opportunity to get so awesome at giving ourselves shots. You are doing great though. Those cakes look very yummy!