Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Dr Angel

I met Dr Angel last night, my first real taste of acupuncture and I liked it!

I came back home feeling pretty relaxed and absolutely starving (is that normal?), I think I could have eaten a horse had OH put one in front of me (gross but you get my point). I decided to stay away from the l-a-p-t-o-p last night, so that was good as I stayed relaxed for the rest of the evening and didn't think much about work, of course I still had my phone  though (one step at a time) and I watched some 'trash telly' to keep me occupied . . . America's Next Top Model (final!!) and 90210 (how old am I?) :-)

Dr Angel asked me lots of questions about how I'm feeling right now and we had a good discussion about what I usually eat and any current stresses in my life.  She mentioned the cheese thing!  I've been a bit sceptical about this before but willing to give anything a try, and as I pretty much hate cheese anyway it wasn't a big deal, she confirmed that it's probably a good idea to keep avoiding this for now as the body will produce more mucus and we want everything to be free flowing with no obstructions. I asked about bananas, she wasn't too fussed about these as long as I don't have too many (gone off them though) and she insisted on avoiding raw vegetables, salad and fruit in the evenings, instead keep them to during the day when my body has more energy to digest and break them down, seems pretty straightforward. 

I laid on 'the couch' and Dr Angel checked my pulse qualities and tongue, similar to how Dr Energyflow did when OH and I saw him at our first acupuncture consultation (see OH's guest blog entry - Prickly Subject). She then did this really lovely massage/stroking thing on my feet for what seemed like ages, very very relaxing indeed. Apparently I can teach OH to do this to keep me relaxed at home when I need it.   Dr Angel inserted 7 needles in total, 2 in my legs, 2 in my ankles and 3 around my belly button.  They didn't hurt at all, I just looked a bit freaky when I looked down! she also put a heat lamp over my belly, mmm made me feel all warm and cosy!

I like Dr Angel, I'm glad I've tried something new (tick), she didn't make any promise of baby miracles (tick), she spoke genuinely (tick) and she thinks she can help me with worrying, relaxation and being more balanced (triple tick!), so I'm signing up for more of that.  I'll see her weekly from now on and more frequently around embryo transfer if I am fortunate to reach this stage again.

And relaaaaaax.


  1. Brilliant! I'm glad you enjoyed it Moony!

    My acupuncturist doesn't do the feet stroking thing but I wish she did! Mine concentrates on stress, energy and building uterine lining so quite similar really.

    p.s. I wanted Chelsey to win ANTM but it was so obvious that they wanted Ann to win :-)

  2. Glad you've found something to help you through the difficult times...hugs x

  3. Dr Angel sounds fab, so glad you found her. The diet tips are interesting. Will blog after my acu apt on Sat so we can compare notes! Sounds like you've started this cycle really positively Moonie, proud of you xxx

  4. I'm so glad your acupuncture session was such a success! I've heard that most who go really end up swearing by it. I always meant to go but just never got around to it.

  5. So happy you found a great acupuncturist- she sounds like the real thing. I really hope it makes all the difference for you in bringing home a baby from this cycle!

  6. ...and I forgot to say, I'm so excited you've started IVF again! Keepin' my fingers crossed for you all that this cycle is the one!

  7. Oooh the feet thing sounds devine. My acu lady has never done that, maybe ill get her to read your blog for some guidance - ha ha.
    Im so excited you are back on the horse. Sending tonnes of good vibes to you for this cycle.
    LilyTaj xx