Monday, 28 March 2011

Colour Me Badd

I had my 'colours' done on Saturday, check me out!

For anyone who hasn't yet experienced this phenomenon, you meet Mrs Creative (mine was from House of Colour) who gives you an in depth colour consultation. This involves her firstly making you look like a nun and covering your head with a white scarf, then she drapes scary coloured swatches over you to work out which 'season' you fall into taking into account your skin tone, hair colour and eye colour.  I have to say, it was a bit of an eye opener.  Turns out I am a 'Winter', luckily for OH this means I am the only season that can legitimately wear black, as my wardrobe mainly is this colour, he is in luck and I have no grounds to buy an entire new wardrobe. The biggest bombshell for me though is that I should not wear cream :-( it washes me out and makes me yellowy. . . although she did try to be helpful and said not to chuck cream things out but to wear it with a scarf so that one of main complementary colours is next to my face until I end up replacing it, although I will just be thinking I look jaundice so not sure that is going to work.

Seems I should be wearing colours like bright pinks, bright blues, greys, navy, dark red, dark purples, dark green and white (colours with blue undertones), so no more hiding behind my black.  
You come away with a handy little swatch booklet with the colours in the Winter spectrum that suit me best, a new staple for my handbag should I get the URGE to shop.  I found this great website, Meinx-Boutique, that shows the colours well.

Mrs Creative extended her advice to my hair colour, make up and even nail colour. After a bit of show and tell with the make up (of course I only bought my best bits along, ha!) she duped me into buying a new lipstick and nail varnish (sucker) :-)

Let me know if you've had a colour analysis, would love to hear what season you are and if you thought it was worth it. For those of you lucky ones in real life reading my blog prepared to be dazzled when you see me next.


  1. Haven't had a 'proper' one but read the book from the library, the el-cheapo way, and seem to recall spring as being my season. Pinks and pastels? Er no. I like blacks, greys, reds and blues and greens.

    I might come and be an honorary winter alongside yourself

  2. Sounds fab and heaps of fun. We look forward to hearing about your new purchases in your 'winter colours' and any comments you get! I remember going with my Mum years ago when she got her colours done. I will definitely do this one day!! Saleschick

  3. Oh, I loved having my colors done! I was so sad to turn out to be a summer, though. Although it is my favorite season, I love the winter colors so much more! And like you, black is a staple in my wardrobe!

  4. I'm an autumn. It was fun- but I had guessed that already so it wasn't a big surprise. I like oranges and warm colors anyway, but I still wear lots of colors that aren't "my" colors. Especially black. You are lucky to be a winter!

  5. I've never done it. Is it expensive. I would like to get my colours done as I am pretty rubbish at knowing what suits me.

  6. Hi Shona, I had my colour analysis with House of Colour, it was a gift that came with an Image Day too (I'm doing this in May). On their website I think it costs about £99 for the colour analysis.
    Let me know if you decide to do it :-)