Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Waiting Game

Hmm this first week of the 2ww really has been tough, just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, it did!

We stayed up North at my parent's place as my dad was due to be discharged on Monday, we finally got the call to pick him up early afternoon. Unfortunately the morning did not get off to the greatest start . . . with all the snow we had overnight we were worried our not so sensible car wouldn't make it up the slope in my parent's street, so we'd made a plan to try move the car in the morning before the next flurry to somewhere more flat so we'd be ready to go. Whilst OH was packing the car he accidentally locked the keys in the car boot! great stuff!  He called a locksmith who couldn't open it . . . we then had the RAC breakdown people out and luckily they were able to open it, phew!  Just in time before we needed to pick up my dad (using their more sensible car!).  When we got to the hospital, his medicines weren't actually ready so we had to wait around for that and finally we got him back home and settled. After our little outing we decided actually we should just take my dad's sensible car home as more snow was due everywhere and it would be safer.

It doesn't take much snow at all to drive our country to a halt, as I type actually there are 7 jacknifed lorries stuck on the motorway not far from here!  Anyhoo, so off we toodle home . . . we get about half way and you would not believe it, but lights start flashing on the dashboard and we break down on the motorway, aarrhhhh!!!
Cue, more waiting, for the RAC breakdown again. It's mad, we never call the breakdown people ever, and we've had to call them twice in one day, I'm jinxed!!  After waiting an hour they turn up just as it starts to snow. So to be safe they tow us all the way back home.  Said car is now in the garage and is not yet fixed.

I feel like nothing is going right in my life right now, in fact all of 2010 has been really tough. Earlier in the year the company I work for announced it was closing my office(!) and the area I work in was no longer being invested in(!!). So right from February, this year has been pretty pants and since then it's been one thing after another . . . I won't bore you with all the details as it's depressing, but on top of this we have started our first IVF cycle after TTC for 2.5 years, ideal timing. 
As we're back home I thought I should go into the office yesterday (the first time in just under a week), but I think it was too soon after all the stress lately, I found it all a bit difficult really to just revert back to normal and get back to all the work as if nothing has happened or is still happening. By the time I got home I just felt so fed up that I just broke down, I'm not really sure why (progesterone? 2ww? going mad?) . . . I guess I'm just desperate for 2010 to not be a complete wash-out and I could really do with just a little bit of good news or a sign of things going my way. 

Remedy - hugs from OH <3  <3 <3  and yummy hot chocolate with biscuits.
Once I sorted myself out we nipped out in the cold to Tesco as I had the munchies and thought this would make me feel better, check out my shopping bill :-)  I didn't eat any of it, but it's all in the house now in case I need a pick me up! Mmmmm yum!

This 2ww stuff is rubbish, this morning I'm technically 7dp5dt, I think the trigger shot will be out of my system by now so I think I could pee-on-a-stick (POAS) now and put myself out of my misery but I'm just to scared of the negative result.  I still don't feel 100% but I'm convinced this is the Crinone/progesterone side effects as I had these symptoms before ET too, they are just less so than before. How do you handle IVF not working?  I think I will just fall into a heap, and then maybe get drunk :-(

This past week I think I have become a pro at the waiting game -
  • waiting for my dad to get better
  • waiting for my dad to be discharged from hospital
  • waiting for the snow to melt
  • waiting for my toes to warm up
  • waiting for the RAC breakdown to get our keys out of the car boot
  • waiting for the RAC breakdown to rescue us from the motorway
  • waiting for the car to be fixed by garage
  • waiting for the shed load of snow to arrive so I can get snowed in and stay at home with my duvet and hide from everyone
  • and more importantly, waiting for the 2ww to be over and for someone to give me break


  1. Moon. You really haven't had the easiest of years. And the last week sounds pretty awful really! I'm so pleased that your Dad is well enough to be home though. I can just imagine what it's like over there at the moment with the snow (chaos) - I'll keep my fingers crossed that your office has to close down for a few days so that you can snuggle under your duvet and write in your blog (nourished almost entirely by chocolate, random vegetables...and folic acid supplements) ;-)
    Not long now to the is true that the trigger is usually out of your system after 10 days...your decision when to test but if you can hold on, it's much nicer to see a darker, more definite line. GOOD LUCK!! Thinking of you (in sunny NZ), Arohanui xx

  2. Argh, the two week wait is just too hard by itself, without all that other stuff! Car trouble is the worst, I just feel so helpless. I'm glad your dad is home safe and sound, though.

    You know, I always wanted to get drunk during the 2WW, too! SO not fair.

    I found POAS always made me feel worse. So I stopped doing it and just waited for the blood test. Usually I started my period before the blood test, anyways. At least then I didn't have to feel bad after every negative pee test, though.

  3. *hugs* I am so sorry that it seems like everything is going wrong lately. That really sucks. Maybe that means that soon you will get one thing that will go really right. I am hoping for you!

  4. Thank you all for your comments ladies, if any of you have any magic wands let me know :-)
    hugs x