Sunday, 12 December 2010

Toast With a Smile

Toast with a smile, that's what I asked for, so that's what I got :-)

I think I've come on quite far these last couple of days, I've made it back to office and I've been to two xmas parties (and experienced the phenomenon of 'having a good time', you should try it, I can highly recommend it). 

There have been four things key to making me strong enough to face the big bad world again
  1. My OH, I would be lost without him.
  2. My closest friends who I know have been thinking of me and are right there if I need them, some of whom have held my hand virtually these last couple of days, words cannot express my gratitude for their help.
  3. My terrific twitterers (of course)
  4. And last (but not least!) wine (obviously) :-)
I have also made some enquiries this week, for my sins I am a planner, I plan even when I'm sleeping (you think I'm lying, sadly I'm not) and so when I remembered that planning always makes me feel better, that's what I did, I took some small steps so that I'm always moving in the right direction.  I don't plan to rush in to anything but it's good to know our options for when we're ready. We fired off a couple of emails to our Primary Care Trust (PCT) and they finally replied on Friday . . . the East of England plan does require there to be a 6 month gap (from egg collection) before starting another fresh cycle with the NHS, we can mix and match private and NHS funded cycles as long as we don't go over 5 (!!) cycles in one year, and I can change from Bourn Hall (an hour away) to the clinic, Herts & Essex Fertility Centre (10 minutes away with excellent statistics), phew, some good news at last. In order to change to the new clinic we have to ask Bourn Hall to refer us to the Oxford Fertility Unit as they have a contract with Herts & Essex, so this is something that we will look into so that our NHS cycle can be lined up if we need it.
So the next steps are to plan a much needed holiday, enjoy the xmas break, have our follow-up appointment on 31 January and then go ahead with a private funded cycle . . . when I'm not sure but I will make some preliminary enquiries with Herts & Essex to see what they say about waiting lists.

I have one other picture to post today, look at these amazing biscuits from Biscuiteers!!
These really brightened my day on Saturday and are from one of the most special people in my life. If it's possible, they taste even more gorgeous than they look and they made me smile like a Cheshire cat. This whole process has reminded me how special my friends are and how important they are to me, thank you darlings.


  1. I'm glad to hear you found some things to help you feel a little better! Cookies and wine are always a good fix :)

  2. You sound so much brighter Moon, I'm pleased you have such amazing support from your OH and friends. That is fantastic news about being able to change to H&E clinic and having the choice of an additional private cycle. Yay! So pleased that you have had some good news. 2011 will be your year! xx

    (I want one of those cookies!!)

  3. I am with you on the planning thing. Even if you are just taking baby steps it is good to always feel like you are moving in the right direction.

    Good news on being able to do a private cycle in the middle of your NHS ones.

    Hopefully you won't get as far as needing another NHS one!


  4. I'm so glad you have some options other than waiting six months! The only thing that picked me up after every BFN was jumping into the next cycle. I'm a girl who likes a plan, too!

  5. That is so awesome you may be able to switch to a closer center that has good stats and not have to wait 6 months!! I am cheering for that! I love your toast, your hubby is so sweet ;)

  6. Glad to hear you sound so perky!! It's amazing what a good night out and some (very gorgeous looking) cookies can do. Also glad that your OH is being so supportive, I agree that it'd be 100 times worse without them! Take care x