Sunday, 13 February 2011

Something in the Air

Woah, what a week! It started so so horribly but ended so nicely . . . the horrible bit was seriously upsetting and involved my brother and my SIL, it knocked me for six ALL week, let's call it "confusion" and leave it at that, such "confusion" doesn't deserve any space on this blog and my mood is positively happy right now . . . like there is something in the air . . . maybe it's Valentines, maybe it's being spoilt rotten this weekend . . . I'm not sure, but I do like it :-)

OH is away with work overnight on Valentines evening and so given how low I've been feeling lately he planned a surprise night in London [i am indeed a spoilt princess sometimes] and I had such a lovely time, really put a spring in my step again and a smile on face. I headed into London after work and met OH and we headed off to our first stop . . . a walk along Tower Bridge close to where he proposed all those years ago. 

We had a drink at a bar and then headed over to a dim sum [my fave] restaurant by the river, OH had a booked a table with a view of Tower Bridge, and this was it, fab. We then got a cab to our next destination, the Met Bar, a celeb hang-out, right up my street! Even better we were also staying there overnight at the Metropolitan Hotel and had a great view of Park Lane from our room, I could get used to this!

Hmm we didn't spot any celebs that we recognised, there was the odd couple that were downing their cocktails like there was no tomorrow and some guy that we remember from the telly but his name escaped us. Apparently Rhianna was there the other week, how cool would that have been! Instead we made up some stories ourselves ha ha.
The next morning I was picked up by my darling cousin and her beau and whisked off for some bridesmaid duties, we had a lovely girly day and my heart melted when I saw my cousin try on her first bridal outfit, so excited for her. The nice weekend didn't end there either, we headed out in the evening for spontaneous drinks and a meal to a new Thai restaurant with some dear friends, yum yum in my tum.  I've had such a wonderful weekend, the best in such a long time and IT FEELS GOOD, I don't want this feeling to end.

Thanks so much to one of my fave tweeps LilyTaj for a) being a tweet-heart and b) for giving me a blog award, I'm honoured. Check out her blog, Hoping for Rainbows and send her some much needed love and hugs.


  1. Sorry you had a crap start to your week Moon, but the ending does sound divine :)

  2. That weekend sounds amazing! Almost rubbing shoulders with the stars!

    Glad you had such a good time, you deserve it :-)