Thursday, 17 February 2011

My Cat is Stressed

Uh oh, my cat is stressed out!
I guess you can understand it really . . . life is tough when you have such difficult life decisions to make each day:

- Sleep on the chair
- Sleep on cushion
- Sleep on the sofa
- Sleep on Moon's lap

Now poor kitty does have history, we've had her for about 2 years and she was a rescue cat that was abandoned whilst pregnant (aww). Ever since we got her she has had recurrent cystitis episodes but these have got less frequent over time. 
She pee'd on her cushion yesterday morning, eeeuu (just what you want to wake up to!) so off to the vet she went, it's the second episode in about 2 to 3 months so they want to check her for any underlying causes, although they think it's just stress. So she'll be back at the vets on Friday to stay there for a few hours so they can take a urine sample, surely this is going to stress her out even more!

In the mean time she's on drugs! I'm not sure if you can see in the photo, but the meds are for cat's facing daily stress, bless :-)

Stay tuned for more kitty adventures.


  1. Poor poor kitty, she looks so sad with her head down! I hope she feels better soon x

    p.s. my poor doggy started limping again this morning, clearly not a good day for pets :-(

  2. "Zylkène favours a smooth and rapid adaptation to changing situations"...perhaps we should all be on this?

    I hope that Mooncat is ok, has normal urine (no crystals) and no UTI. It can be a tough life! xx

  3. Poor Kitty. She is lucky to have such a caring and loving mum who will take care of her during the ups and downs.
    Maybe a little kitty massage and lots of cuddles will help her relieve some stress

  4. Thanks for all your comments about poor kitty :-)
    I just dropped her off at the vets this morning and so hopefully her test results will come back clear.

    Arohanui - Ha haa we should all take it! "Mooncat" love it :-))

  5. Poor kitty. could she have crystals? My male cat peed on stuff not appropriate and our vet found he had urinary crystals and put him on special food.

  6. Poor little Kitty. Hope she is feeling better soon. Give her a cuddle from me.

  7. Poor baby kitty! I'm so glad she has you for a mama to get to the bottom of her issues and not toss her out! She's such a cute little girl! :)