Saturday, 22 January 2011

Shopping Mall with a Slide

Yep, that's right, you read that correctly, why not have a slide in a shopping mall!? 

This is a new mall called Empire, so I guess this is their attraction, odd but true. So for about 12 rinngit (about 3 GBP) you too can have a go :-)
So we haven't been up to much, more eating, more drinking, more sleeping and last but not least, more shopping. The exchange rate is not too favourable at the moment so I haven't bought anything [boo]. We treated ourselves yesterday though to manicures and pedicures, so I'm sporting a nice classic French manicure and pretty pink toes ready for Phuket on Monday.
We've been hanging out with some of OH's extended family too so it's been nice to catch up. 
We've been going out for drinks in the evening, mainly to the latest hip & trendy area called Bangsar. Everywhere looks so pretty at the moment with lanterns everywhere as it's almost Chinese New Year . . . although saying that, the constant high pitched Chinese tunes played in the shopping malls drives you a bit crazy . . . la dee dah happy happy de dah deee!

The main cool bar we have been going to is called WIP (originally 'Work in Progress', but now 'Whipped into Place' - cheeesy!). Yesterday we walked into another place called Twenty One, sat down, for maybe 2 minutes and decided it was too quiet and headed back to the buzzing WIP bar, but it looked like an uber-cool place, definitely one to go back to.

Whilst I'm off having a wonderful time I know the infertility world continues and many of my tweeps are at some stage of their two-week-waits, hoping that the news is good news for you all. I wanted to give a special mention to one of my tweeps, MyTTCstory, please show her some love, she is having a difficult time at the moment and I know she would appreciate our support.


  1. So did you ride the slide? Twenty One looks that a peanut butter cocktail?? I wish I was on holiday going out to happening nightspots with the über-cool crowd...
    Enjoy the beach!!

  2. Did you go on that slide? That other picture looks really pretty. I love twinkle lights on trees.

  3. That slide looks pretty neat!

  4. Thanks for your comments ladies!
    Ha haa I refrained form going on the slide, I was in pure amazement that such a thing would be in a shopping mall.
    If only holidays could last forever I would be a very happy girl :-)

  5. Carry on enjoying Moonie! Maybe you'll do the slide next time :) xx

  6. I've just given you a blog award. Head over to my blog for the details. Good luck to your tweeps who are in their 2 week window. Shona