Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Out of Office

Blogging from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, ain't technology great :-)

So . . . here I am, at my in-laws apartment in the hot, humid weather . . . chilling out, eating, drinking, and eating some more [impossible to resist the yummy spicy food here, and with the jet lag I'm muchos hungry - my excuse!]

My flight over to Bangkok to meet OH was quite nice and I managed to get a few hours sleep and watched a couple of films too, Social Network [fab film] and The Switch [hmm not too bad, mildly amusing tale about an unmarried 40-year old (Jennifer Aniston) who uses a sperm donor to get pregnant, obviously it worked on her first attempt, cos it's really that easy!]. 
I spent one night in Bangkok with OH and had dinner with some of his work colleagues and then we escaped to Vertigo for some midnight drinks at the Moon bar there, an amazing rooftop bar at the Banyan Tree Hotel overlooking the city [ha ha, the "Moon" bar - so kind of them to name it after me, it would have been rude not to visit].

We haven't done much since arriving, just chilling out and enjoying being 'out of office' :-)
Here are a few things that have made me chuckle in the last few days:
  • It's very much still Christmas in Bangkok! In our hotel there were three Christmas trees in the lobby and two nodding reindeers :-) I'm guessing they didn't realise it's bad luck if you don't take the decorations down by the twelfth night, or maybe they did and they plan to keep them up for the entire year!
  • We popped in to the Levi's shop at one of the malls here, I'm browsing for some new skinny jeans, the size they had on the rack was 23" waist with 32" leg, err who has a body like that?! When I asked for my size she chuckled, ha ha, everyone is so so tiny here!
  • We made a school boy error and lost the car in the shopping mall car park . . . cue 15 minutes aimlessly wandering around trying to retrace our steps! We've made this mistake many times before on our trips here to malls as the car parks are very confusing!  I even took a photo of our exact location, but it was no help when you're in the complete wrong car park and lost, LOL!

We've managed to already have our top four favourite dishes too . . . all with a spicy connection, I was so busy stuffing my face I forgot to take photo's but here are some from Dr Google, mmm yum yum in my tum!

  • Roti canai - Freshly baked layered flat bread with spicy curry and dhal sauces on the side for dipping, costs next to nothing but tastes amazing. 
  • Laksa - my favourite dish, a spicy noodle soup  usually with chicken and prawns, completely addictive. I've had this dish twice already!
  • Banana Leaf - rice, curry and vegetable side dishes all served on a fresh cut banana leaf.
  • Kway Teow - spicy fried flat-noodle dish with vegetables, chicken and prawn with a yummy charred taste.

We did a spot more shopping today at another mall, KLCC, had yet another Starbucks (OH has discovered Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino a.k.a heaven) and chilled out watching the world go by . . . OH took a great shot whilst we were at KLCC, right next to the Petronas Twin Towers . . . if only we could stay here longer and holidays could last forever . . .


  1. Sounds amazing Moony. I love that you visited the moon bar. Ive had that same experience trying to find jeans in Thailand. Im not big by any stretch of the imagination (size 8 Aus) and everytime I go they tell me im a big girl and need a big size. Hello. Whats with the miniture people there.
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Stock up on pirate movies and eat drink and be merry xx

  2. Oh wow, all that food looks so good. Have a great time!

  3. Wow, all sounds amazing! I love malaysia & all the food, brings back lots of lovely memories! Glad you're having such a fun, relaxing time.

    RE the films. I watched 'Have you met the Morgan's' at the weekend and SJP has TTC issues, decides to adopt and ends up with a adopted baby AND a pregnant belly 6 months later. Oh, how easy it is in Hollywood...

  4. Hello, hello, we're at a place called Vertigo :) [Sorry, reminiscing about U2 concert].

    Sounds fabulous, I'm very jealous. I laughed at your story about losing your car despite having taken a photo! Try breadcrumbs next time? ;-P

    Glad to hear you are chilling out and recharging your batteries for 2011. Enjoy all that yummy food xx

  5. Glad your having an awesome trip! Thanks so much for posting those food pics. I am a bit of a foodie and love seeing pics of food and learning about cultures foods.

  6. what a fab trip so far! I looooove Roti and Laksa - nom nom nom. Eat, drink and be merry I say.. you desserve it :-) Have a vino or 3 for us TTC gals xx Saleschick (sorry, can't work out how to post other than Anonymous?!)