Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Book Worm

Mr Moon and I have recently read the book, Test Tubes and Testosterone by Michael Saunders (also know as @theIVFdad) and we thought we'd post our reviews here in case you've heard about it: 

Mr Moon

This is a well written book which is unique as it tells the story of fertility treatment from a male perspective. It is very easy to read and does touch on a great number of topics in a short space of time.

Being in the same situation myself much of the detail I already know however it’s comforting to hear that the experiences (i.e. rude staff) and emotions (i.e. manliness) we go through are common.

This would be a great book for friends and family of a couple that are undergoing IVF as it’s not too technical, distressing nor depressing but does hint at what an IVF couple have to go through…I would not like to give a friend a copy of Zita West.

Not only that if gives rare insight into some of the daily goings on in an ‘IVF home’, even the logistical things that the clinic do not tell you, such as the Ovitrlle injection is harder to insert!

It’s also a good story of hope for anyone embarking on IVF.

Mrs Moon

It’s so nice to read an IVF related story from a man’s point of view . . . I’ve always wanted to know more about what the ‘other half’ thinks when their wife is subjected to many invasive ‘wandy’ procedures and stabbing themselves with needles, this book is a honest and moving story that I would recommend to any couples about to embark on fertility treatment and any family/friends that want to understand more.

It’s a very quick story to read, humorous along the way, delving into just the right level of detail at certain key points. We hear of all the usual ups and downs that any couple doing IVF face and gives an great insight into what it feels like, all made better by that cup of tea!

This is a great read for men or woman and it’s comforting for me to read of another couples story and feel more ‘normal’ again.


  1. Nice to hear from Mr Moon but what did Mooncat think of the book?? :) xx

  2. Thanks for sharing Moonie & Mr Moon! We'll get a copy of this. I think it's good for guys to get a bit of support xx

  3. The book sounds great! Useful to hear that you both liked the book and that it is beneficial to women as well as men. Great review!