Thursday, 9 June 2011


That's what Moon did this weekend, I escaped and it felt good. 

With a partner in crime I helped plan the most fabulous hen weekend for my gorgeous cousin, for those who know me, I LOVE planning (sad but true), I think I may have missed my calling in life to produce colourful, multi-tabbed spreadsheets all day long.
We had fun from beginning to end and it took me back to my care-free days before all 'this' started. So, instead of my usual TTC related blog posts (no panic, they'll be back real soon) I thought I'd share my weekend with you and a few photo's for a bit of light relief.
I found the most amazing loft apartment to rent for the weekend in Islington . . . absolutely perfect for the glorious sunny weekend we had, and the ultimate party pad (pat on the back for Moon). Floor to ceiling windows, mezzanine, balcony over a private canal and even it's own piano?!!

On the Friday we met the bride-to-be for lunch and led her to her first surprise . . . to The Blow Bar, a blow dry salon in Islington's vintage haven - Camden Passage. We'd booked their private room to have our hair styled and make up by a professional artist whilst supping champagne and strawberries, bliss! (this is the life). A fab idea to pep you up for a night on the town. That evening we headed to Momo's Restaurant, an intimate Moroccan restaurant (food here was yum yum in my tum) and then onto Zenna Bar, a cute little indian cocktail bar - cocktails with a spicy kick! I'd recommend visiting these places if you're in London for a night out.
On the Saturday we took a morning speed boat on the Thames from near London Eye pier, muchos fun!! It lasts about an hour, you get to see a few sights at a leisurely pace and then off you go speeding through the river, blew the cobwebs away and got us all over our hangovers quick smart :-)  After lunch on Southbank we headed back to our apartment for civilised tea and cakes (check out the cupcake toppings, ha haa).

The evening activities started with cocktail making at our apartment, a cute little man comes in with all his gear, shows us his tips and tricks and splits us into two teams to compete with yummy cocktails. No idea how much alcohol I consumed in my 'taste testing' :-)
The rest of evening was spent in Islington for dinner and then onto a cool bar with sharing cocktails! I danced like I was young and carefree again.

Escapism, I recommend it.


  1. wow - what a great cousin you are. Sounds like the best ever hens weekend... I'm sure you are now the favourite cousin forever - ha ha.
    Saleschick xx

  2. You are so sweet- what a wonderful weekend you planned! And I'm glad you got an escape too- you deserve it dear friend. xxx