Monday, 9 May 2011

Pill Poppin'

OH and I are slowly on the mend, we tried to do some fun things this weekend and ended up in London for a nice walk along the South Bank, we had chance to have a good talk too and get a few things out in the open to help each other through it.
Yesterday we even visited our friends who recently had a teeny tiny baby girl, and oh my is she tiny and I loved holding her. She was super cute, I was a little nervous beforehand but it was really lovely (gotta keep my eye on the prize), OH thought it was the happiest I had seemed for days which is pretty ironic!

So I made it in to work today (progress), ugh, can't concentrate much, but I made it here so that's step one complete, so I'll aim to do something productive tomorrow :-)
This weekend, OH has started popping the pills, there are hundreds of them. this is the plan for the next 3 months but we're left wondering what the side effects could be :-/  It all seems a bit drastic (and desperate maybe?), but OH has researched it and there are many people doing something similar with positive effects. I'm not sure what our other options are before heading in to our next treatment cycle as we are at a loss of how to improve our chances so I guess it's worth a try.

Some tweeps have asked about what vitamin regime we have planned as many of you are doing something similar or plan to, here's the list, let me know if there is something missing, or alarming!

Vitamin C 500mg
Vitamin B complex                
L-arginine 500mg
L-Carnitine 500mg
Vitamin E 200mg
Pyncnogenol (pine bark) 100mg
Omega Fish Oil 1000mg

Wellman Conception 1 pill
Zinc 2 pills (30mg)
Selenium 200mg
Omega Fish Oil 1000mg
Co-Enzyme Q10 30mg
Maca 1000mg
Vitamin C 500mg
Vitamin E 400mg
Folic Acid 400mg
Pyncnogenol (pine bark) 100mg
Tablespoon of Tomato Puree (lycopene)*

*hmm this one doesn't sound too pleasant, think we change this to a tablet form.
Fingers crossed it does the trick.


  1. Sounds like you and OH are being so brave and positive. I don't envy him taking all those pills (and the tomato paste!) but i really hope it helps. You both deserve to get your prize and I hope it's very soon. Love and hugs xxx

  2. You must have won the lottery with your OH being willing to take so many tablets. Im lucky to get mine to take 1 menevit a day.
    I wish you both all the very best and I hope this regime is your missing ingredient. Just remember you only need to take one day at a time and I am always here to support you through this.
    LilyTaj xx

  3. Hey Moon. I am so pleased that you two have had some healing times together and are feeling a little better.
    I really doubt OH will experience any side effects with that protocol. I haven't looked into male treatments much (due to my lack of ability to effect my frozen donations!) so have nothing to add. Good luck babe!! xx